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The revolutionary Blaser R8 Professional Success rifle features an ergonomic stock which provides a relaxed posture of shooting hand and arm and virtually eliminates all vexatious flinching. Success is in the name for a reason. Additional features of the Professional Success include synthetic stock color option of either Dark Green or Black-Brown with black elastomer grip inlays for excellent grip comfort and accuracy. 

The R8 Professional Success Stutzen has the same features, but also includes a divided forearm for constant precision grip and barrel length of either 52 cm or 58 cm (depending on caliber selected).

The Blaser R8 line of rifles is truly the total package of accuracy, speed, and safety. With a Blaser precision tip, forged barrel and chamber, optimum barrel bedding, Blaser saddle mount, open sights, Blaser radial locking system, and perfect stock design for relaxed position of hand the Blaser R8 defines accuracy. Cocking the R8 automatically activates the illuminated dot of a Zeiss iC riflescope. Not quick enough for you? With in-line repeating, a “blind” magazine exchange, and a double loading option the Blaser R8 is as fast as they come. With safety first in mind, the Blaser R8 features a manual cocking system, automatic decocking when the magazine is taken out, and no unintentional bolt opening. All R8 models are also available without detachable magazine (except R8 Baroness and R8 Custom model with steel receiver).

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