BBF95 & BBF97 1200x422

B95 Single Lock Action.  B95 Over & Under Shotgun Rifle and Bergstutzen are equipped with a single lock action. The rifle is uncocked after every shot.

B97 Double Lock Action.  B97 O&U Rifle, O&U Shotgun Rifle and Bergstutzen feature a double lock action. A second shot is available after the first shot without cocking again.

A cut above.  Each barrel of a Blaser Combination Rifle can float and expand freely. Even though it is a combined barrel it performs just like a single barrel. 

The Highest Standards.  In the past decades Blaser has set the benchmarks for safe handling and carrying of hunting rifles worldwide.

All Inclusive.  The compact Blaser Combination Guns make sure you are ready for many hunting opportunities without cutting down on comfort.

Extreme Ruggedness.  Blaser Combination Guns are designed for hard use and permanent strain. 

Leaving Nothing to Desire.  Within the Blaser Over & Under program every useful caliber combination is possible. You can choose between single and double lock. Also a great number of optional features are available. 

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