Victory V8 1-8x30

Victory V8 1-8x30 640x157

The benchmark for fast target acquisition

Because of its maximum zoom range, the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1–8x30 is considered the fastest close range riflescope in the entire ZEISS product line. The 1x magnification is ideal for target acquisition with both eyes open, as well as quick shots at short distances. Due to the high zoom range, the ZEISS VICTORY 1-8x30 is ideal for African Big Game and allows accurate shots even over longer hunting distances. The 8x magnification enables fast and reliable targeting. The field of view is generous and provides hunters safety and reliability on a dangerous game hunt. During development of the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1–8x30, the engineers in Wetzlar paid special attention to the “speed” of the product. The 10 mm exit pupil enables fast aiming. The combination of all these performance features makes the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1–8x30 the new benchmark for competition shooters and hunters alike.

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